Monday, June 4, 2018

2018-06-03 Letter to Jonathan

June 3, 2018
Dear Elder Christensen,
Joshua arrived safely in Scottsdale Arizona where he awaits his visa to the Philippines. We loved a few photos of him and his companions that we found on the Scottsdale mission blog. We pray for him, and for you, every day, asking the Lord to bless you both with success and safety. dsc_0609.jpg
We looked intently for Joshua during the 'Be One' broadcast, and maybe he was in the MTC group that was singing, but we couldn't pick him out of the crowd. We're hopeful that you were able to see this broadcast and share it with your large pool of investigators. We pray for your success in teaching these folks the Gospel..
It's been a busy week for us. Abby graduated from Lone Peak and left Saturday morning for Peru followed by a few weeks in India. After her graduation ceremony we ate dinner at your home with your Nana, Karen and Camille, and we discussed Abby's summer plans - which are extensive. There were a lot of her fellow 794 Lone Peak graduates who are off to serve missions this summer, and one of the speakers said he was leaving in 6 days. Abby hopes to serve next year, after one year at the U of U. We are looking forward to Benjamin's graduation on June 6.
Sarah graduated from the 6th grade - the last Christensen to attend elementary school. She was on the student council and her role was to honor her fellow students on their birthdays by announcing them in the morning office broadcast. Will and his team won the Lone Peak 7 on 7 tournament with Will making a few spectacular catches. They call him 'Little Jonny'.
Ava finished the 8th grade, and now she'll join Elsa in high school next year. She's beautiful, smart and well-liked by her classmates. By next year Elsa will have her driver's license and will drive them both to early morning seminary. It's quite a sacrifice for them to start their day so early, but they will be blessed for it. Your mom took four years of early morning seminary, and I'm sure this built and strengthened her testimony.
Elsa, Ava, and Greta are coming this week for a basketball camp at BYU. We're excited to see them! We tried to get Ashley and Katelyn here as well, but the Egberts had other plans. The Conleys will be in California for a family reunion so there won't be much of a cousins' party.
Anders graduated from kindergarten. He told Grandma that he didn't think he would make it in kindergarten because it was too hard to read, but he did great. Your Heath cousins sure love and care for your youngest cousin, Lena. Her hair is amazing, and she's learned how to crawl which creates a safety problem for the Heaths in their house.
Grandma is preparing to teach her Relief Society lesson on the Book of Mormon. She is using President Monson's talk from the April 2017 Sunday morning session of General Conference. You should read this again if you get a chance. She'll probably refer to your 'Book of Mormon Challenge' you use in contacting efforts. We love your stories of the success you have with this approach.

We pray for you each day!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017-02-16 Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert/ 46th wedding anniversary

We were able to go to the Tabernacle Christmas concert with Paul and Geri Scherbel - beautiful and uplifting. We saw a number of sister missionaries from Temple Square who were able to attend the concert. Some  of these sisters we worked with when we hosted dignitaries during our mission. It was fun to see them. We also saw Joshua who is working at the Nauvoo Cafe in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. We enjoyed the concert and our evening experience at Temple Square - and it made me miss our mission experience.

On December 13 it was the 57th year since my mother passed away. This is always a day of sadness, but also a chance to reflect on the power of the atonement and the resurrection of Christ. 

This past week we also celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary, and Hans's birthday (even though he's in Colorado Springs). Next week we celebrate Joshua's and Thomas's birthdays, and after Christmas we celebrate Hans and Michelle's wedding anniversary. Lots of things to remember and gifts to buy during this holiday season. Gifts are not really that important, but they sure take up a lot of time and energy. Then in early January we celebrate Jeff's, Hana's and Brian's birthdays. It's a lot.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

2017-10-28 Lena Anena Heath is born

We were thrilled to be in Thousand Oaks, CA for the birth of our 24th grandchild, Lena (pronounced Lenna) Anena (after Paula's great grandmother) Heath. She's healthy and safely arrived for her earthly journey. She was welcomed by her 4 siblings who all want to hold and cuddle her.

2017-11-28 Melissa has elbow surgery (again)

Melissa went through a third surgery for her elbow that was broken in a 'terrible triad' in August 2015. She has suffered miserably through this, but we're hopeful she will see a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

Friday, August 21, 2015

2015-08-18 Melissa broke her elbow

 Melissa fell playing tennis and landed on her left elbow which we resulted in a so called  'terrible triad'. A traumatic injury pattern of the elbow characterized by elbow dislocation (often associated with posterolateral dislocation or LCL injury), radial head fracture, and coronoid (top the radius fracture. She saw a doctor recommended by our neighbor, Jim Morgan, and had surgery on Thursday afternoon. Now she has a new ball on the end of her radius bone and lots of rehab in her future.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014-12-12 Heath sibling dinner

Here are a few family photos over the years. This is with my mother, Marie Thomas in about 1957.

The second photo is with my stepmother, Barbara Kitchens in about 1964.

The third is March 1984 when Paula and I came out for Heidi and Holly's weddings and we skied at Alta with our children. That's why I am sunburned.

The fourth photo was taken in St George in July 1993 after our father passed away.

The fifth photo was taken September 2001 at our home.

The last photo was taken December 2014. Fred has moved to North Carolina so he wasn't at our sibling dinner.

2014-12-17 Roylance Family

Paula gathered her family for a luncheon on December 17, 2014 at our home, and we took advantage of the good weather to capture a few photographs in our back yard. This was the only Roylance Christmas activity that we had during the season.
This photograph of the family was taken in April 2002.